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Welding Safety

Capability Resources has invested significant time and resources into researching, developing and driving the required changes to provide quality services and products via a holistic approach to ensure a safe work environment associated with cutting and welding safety.

The immediate impact on the overall operations of the business has resulted in welding safety becoming a key component of the business.

Is your business exposed?

If you answer “no” or “not sure” to any of the following questions you should contact us for advice.

  • Is your work place injury free from cutting and welding related work e.g. burns, welding flash or electric shock (includes a ‘tingle’)?
  • Do you comply with MDG 25?
  • Have you conducted a risk assessment around your hot work activities?
  • Is your hot work adequately supervised?
  • Have you conducted an audit of your hot work management system?
  • Do you use a hot work permit?
  • Are your employees trained in the safe use of cutting and welding equipment?
  • Do you have records of employees training and competency?
  • Is your cutting & welding equipment on a register?
  • Do you have an inspection schedule for your equipment?
  • Are you aware of your legal obligations in relation to cutting & welding under the OH&S Act and other legislation?
  • Do you conduct cutting & welding on a Mine site?
  • Does your equipment comply with Australian Standards?
  • Have you reviewed your cutting and welding management system in the last two years?
  • Do you archive records of all documentation associated with cutting & welding including risk assessments, work permits etc for at least 6 years?
  • Is your equipment used to manufacturers recommendations?