• General Characteristics
  • Equipment
  • Engine
  • Alternator
  • Control Panel
General Characteristics
Engine Type 4045TF120
Alternator ref. KH00771T
Performance class G3
Frequency (Hz) 50 Hz
Voltage (V) 400/230
Standard Control Panel AMP303
12 V charge alternator and starter
Single-bearing alternator with insulation class H.
Radiator for core temperature of 48/50°C max with mechanical fan
Skid and vibration isolators.
Dry type air filter.
Main line circuit breaker.
Microprocessor controller.
9 dB(A) silencer supplied separately
Operation and installation literature.
General Engine Data
Engine ref. 4045TF120
Engine brand JOHN DEERE
Air inlet system Turbo
Cylinders configuration L
Number of cylinders 4
Displacement (L) 4.48
Charge Air coolant
Bore (mm) 106
Stroke (mm) 127
Compression ratio 17 : 1
Speed (RPM) 1500
Pistons speed (m/s) 6.35
Maximum stand-by power at rated RPM (kW) 70
Frequency regulation, steady state (%) +/- 2.5%
BMEP at Max Power (bar) 11.4
Governor type Mechanical
General Alternator Data
Alternator ref. KH00771T
Number of phase Three Phase
Power factor (Cos Phi) 0.8
Altitude (m) 0 à 1000
Overspeed (rpm) 2250
Number of pole 4
Capacity for maintaining short circuit at 3 ln for 10 s Yes
Insulation class H
T° class (H/125°), continuous 40°C H / 125°K
T° class (H/163°C), standby 27°C H / 163°K
AVR Regulation Yes
Total Harmonic Distortion in no-load DHT (% 30
Total Harmonic Distortion, on linear load DHT (%) 18
Wave form : NEMA=TIF <45
Wave form : CEI=FHT <2
Number of bearing Single bearing
Coupling Direct
Voltage regulation at established rating (+/- %) 1
Recovery time (Delta U = 20% transcient) (ms 200
Indication of protection IP 23
Technology Brushless
Control Panel
AMP303 Standard control panel
AMP403 Optional control panel
  • JOHN DEERE Engine
  • Engine Type: 4045TF120
  • Frequency: 50HZ
  • Amperage: 95
  • Output: 66 kVA