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IMG-zRid with remote

Capability Resources researched and identified an innovative Australian made and owned welding safety device that eliminates the OCV (open circuit voltage) when not welding.

The zRID device is designed to eliminate rather than reduce the potential of welding electric shocks. The Hierarchy of Control system provides a preferred list of control measures affirming the most effect method to deal with a hazard is to eliminate it, which is what the zRID device has been designed to do.

The zRID® is a new generation Hazard Control Device combining automated isolation switching and hand-piece trigger switches which operates on two basic principles:

  • Weld activation is via an intentional trigger action initiated by the operator
  • Zero-volts when not welding

The zRID® can be easily fitted to any stick, TIG or MIG welding machine.


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ICON 1890 VRDIMG-Icon 1890

The ICON 1890 VRD is a true 10 amp inverter welder.

  • VRD model complete with screened input lead (weld leads not included)
  • True 10A machine I1eff of 10A to comply with AS60974
  • 10A plug can be upgraded to 56 series IP66 clipsal plug for $70.00


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IMG-gas equipment oxy acetylene lpg cutting welding kit tesuco aust standardsTesuco provides the highest degree in technical support on gas safety through safety seminars, actual flashback and gas leak demonstrations and sales of the highest quality gas safety equipment to the gas welding, heating and cutting industry.

The Tesuco website has been established to serve our customers with the latest product specifications and information to meet your gas safety needs. For further information on our product range, please make your selection from the categories below. If you require further assistance, please contact your Tesuco customer services representative.

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