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Power Generation Equipment Sales & Hire

EZ Energy hire, sell and service quality generators and equipment compliant to current Australian Standards and legislation. As an industry leader we offer a complete service by supplying and maintaining the best quality equipment whilst providing ongoing quality customer service. We keep abreast of the latest developments in the power supply industry to ensure our energy solutions are your best option.

We will customize energy solutions to your personal requirements, and commit to provide you complete service, from planning and budgeting, through to 24/7 emergency electricity supply support. Contact EZ Energy, the power supply industry leader for:

  • Generators: Skid Mounted, Towable and Containerised (sizes range from 10kVA – 2500kVA)
  • HV Motivator Packages
  • Technical site surveys and recommendations on actual kVA required for each project
  • Cables and distribution to suit generators
  • Transformers 415V- 1000V,3.3,6.6,11,22kV various MVA sizes available
  • Load banks
  • Single point of contact / project management
  • Engineering (if required)
  • AS3000 Audits
  • Technical support
  • Technical labour for installs
  • 24/7 emergency support
  • Grid synchronising
  • Synchronising of generators, load demand control available
  • Remote monitoring available
  • External fuel cells
  • Onsite Refuelling Management
  • Transportation
  • Fluid Chillers
  • Portable Fuel Cell & Pump Packages
  • Cable
  • Distribution

We draw from extensive experience in the electricity supply industry to give you the confidence you need when you require immediate power delivery.

Our team operate around the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that whether you need replacement generators, or a midnight refueling service, we’re right there with you.

Our competent Sales Manger, Craig Ferris, has solutions for any electrical supply and connection questions you may have.  With an electrical trade behind him, Craig’s extensive knowledge of generators allows his customers to have complete confidence the job will be completed to their satisfaction.   Contact Craig through our office number 49327148, #3 for generator hire/sales, or his mobile 0427 722 330.