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Authorised Kohler Distributor

EZenergy/Capability Resources is proud to be an Authorised Dealer for Kohler power solutions. Capability Resources/EZenergy offer the most compliant and reliable turnkey power generator solutions to New South Wales customers and beyond.

EZenergy offers both petrol and diesel generators, used to power all critical jobs, from mining, building sites and homes.

We have partnered with Kohler as a distributor from our Newcastle location, offering the following power solutions to our customers:

  • Mine Compliant Generators
  • Full Rental Spec Generators
  • Portable Generators
  • Industrial generators
  • Trailer Mounted Generators
  • Domestic Generators
  • Event solutions
  • Spare genuine parts
  • Automatic and Manual Changeover solutions


Kohler Equipment For Sale & Hire


Kohler portable generators provide instant power on the go, no matter where you are. They are light, compact and easy to transport.

If you’re after reliable back up power during an outage or a storm, Kohler domestic generators will keep your house and appliances running, and your security systems on.

When organising an event, you need reliable, high-performance and noise-reducing generators to power your venue. The Kohler rental range can be used for any event, from festivals to corporate gatherings.

As a Kohler industrial generator distributor near Newcastle, our diesel generators can power every application, from hospitals to airports, and are built to last for decades.

All Kohler genuine spare parts are engineered to precisely fit Kohler Engines. Capability Resources are an authorised distributor for all spare parts on request from our Newcastle location.


Browse our range of Kohler generators here.


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