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Capability Resources understands the time pressure faced by it’s clients in the mining industry. We offer comprehensive compliance and safety programs, and are dedicated to the seamless integration of our mine supplies with site-specific requirements. Our extensive history servicing the mining industry means we have the mining regulations and mining compliance knowledge and experience necessary to ensure maximum profitability of your project.


Our valued events industry clients need to deliver a suitable solution on time, the first time, every time. EZ Energy prides itself on its trusted reputation, forged over years of on-time power supply delivery. Our top tier fleet of generators and ancillary equipment, make us a natural choice for those in the events industry.


Backup generators have become an essential tool for the hospitality industry as establishment’s endeavour to provide a positive and memorable experience for their patrons. In the age of social media and worldwide internet presence both good and bad reviews can travel fast. Patrons simply want to enjoy a safe, comfortable and pleasant experience and do not want their visit disrupted by something as trivial as a power outage. In addition to this our clients find backup generators can become a valuable asset as an additional source of power for events such as large meetings, weddings, concerts and exhibitions.


Capability Resources offer the flexibility necessary to the construction industry in the provision of diesel and gas fed power supply. Our field sales and engineering team are job site trained and safety inducted to enter a full range of construction sites. Our refueling service and maintenance programs make us an ideal partner for our construction industry clients.


Unforeseen events that lead to power outages mean immediate loss of revenue for our retail clients. To minimize profit bleed due to stock damage and system down time in these instances, EZ Energy have a committed response time of one hour to get our clients powered up and back on track.


EZ Energy’s generators and associated low and high voltage equipment integrates seamlessly into power grids Australia wide. Whether supplying prime power, standby power or peak lopping or shaving, EZ Energy has the solution on hand to keep Australia powered.


The ability to deliver customized electricity supply on deadlines, in an environment of evolving needs, is what sets EZ Energy apart as the supplier of choice to the manufacturing industry. Trusted brands, turn key solutions, and short, medium and long term energy solutions give our manufacturing clients the comfort of knowing power will be there when they need it.


EZ Energy’s Engineering Team can plan and implement every aspect of generator supply for the lead up and implementation of your scheduled shut down. We understand the need to deliver a time critical solution during a shutdown and providing a fail-safe power source throughout. EZ Energy can also assist by providing a technician to oversee critical infrastructure during the shut down period if required.

EZ Energy; Safe, Reliable, Efficient, Ready – 24 hours, 7 days a week