Capability Resources was established in 2000 to help industry achieve a safe and productive workplace.

Now servicing a wide range of industry including Oil & Gas, Mining, Energy, Aeronautical, Construction, Defence, Drilling, Health, Manufacturing,  Petrochemicals, Shipping, Rail, Utilities and Waste Management Capability Resources have become the experts in supporting small and large business achieve success in the three critical areas of Competent People, Safe Work Practices and Fit for Purpose Equipment.

Specialising in project management, nationally recognised training, incident investigation, TapRooT Root Cause Analysis, power generation, cutting and welding safety and MDG25, equipment compliance (ITS) and MDG15

Complete Motivator Packages Now Available for Sale or Hire

Capres Motivator Packages

2.55MVA 415V/6.6-11kV transformer

  • 1250kVA on 40ft drop deck trailer or 1750kVA on road registrable B-Double
  • Synchronised or stand alone
  • NSW & QLD Mine Compliant (MDG15) generators

Download more information on our mobile mine compliant LV & HV power options


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Competent People

Providing information, training and instruction to ensure a person has the required skills and knowledge to carry out a task.

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Safe Work Practices

Providing and maintaining safe systems and processes so that work can be performed without risk to health and safety.

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Fit for Purpose Equipment

Providing and maintaining safe plant and equipment that is fit for purpose with a risk management approach.

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