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Helping Industry to Achieve a Safe & Productive Workplace

Capability Resources was established in 2000 to help industry achieve a safe and productive workplace by providing quality products and services.

In the beginning we built our reputation throughout the mining sector however our company now services a wide range of industries including but not limited to Oil & Gas, Aeronautical, Construction, Defence, Drilling, Health, Manufacturing, Mining, Petrochemicals, Shipping, Rail, Utilities and Waste Management.

Over the years we have identified gaps in the market and in response have introduced new products and services that provide whole of business solutions for industry. As a single point of contact we can insure companies achieve and maintain success in the three critical areas of compliance and safety – competent people, safe work practises and fit for purpose equipment.

Specialising in project management, nationally recognised training, incident investigation, power generation, cutting and welding safety and MDG25, equipment compliance (ITS) and MDG15

Capability Resources is dedicated to the philosophy of continual improvement underpinned by the use of LEAN methodology in the business.

EZ Energy

EZ Energy provide total turnkey temporary and permanent power package solutions for all types of industries. Specialising in diesel temporary power from 5kVA through to Multi Megawatt installations, EZ Energy work with you to fully optimise the best solution to suit your needs, including cost savings on fuel consumption, extending services intervals with the use of synthetic oils and upgraded filter packages. EZ Energy are committed to provide you with a complete service, from planning and budgeting, transportation, installation and backed by 24/7 emergency support.


Complete Motivator Packages Now Available for Sale or Hire

Capres Motivator Packages

2.55MVA 415V/6.6-11kV transformer

  • 1250kVA on 40ft drop deck trailer or 1750kVA on road registrable B-Double
  • Synchronised or stand alone
  • NSW & QLD Mine Compliant (MDG15) generators

Download more information on our mobile mine compliant LV & HV power options


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Kohler Generators

In a variety of environments, from offshore drilling platforms to harsh desert conditions, from building sites to the most exacting industries, the reliability and performance of KOHLER-SDMO generating sets have firmly established Kohler generators as one of the leading global manufacturers.

SDMO industries was created in 1966, setting up its head office and three factories in Brest (France), along with another plant in Brazil. Backed by an international group structure, the company continues to underline its leading market position. Kohler generators are leading generators in Australia and beyond.

Today, KOHLER-SDMO focuses exclusively on generating sets, and offers the widest range on the market.

Capability Resources is an authorised Kohler dealer.

Competent People

Providing information, training and instruction to ensure a person has the required skills and knowledge to carry out a task.

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Safe Work Practices

Providing and maintaining safe systems and processes so that work can be performed without risk to health and safety.

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Fit for Purpose Equipment

Providing and maintaining safe plant and equipment that is fit for purpose with a risk management approach.

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